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At Earthy Dispensry, our passion for coffee goes beyond the cup. We are on a mission to harness the power of coffee to create positive impact for Thai's communities.

A portion of profit on every cup is donated to social charities to create positive change in Thai communities.



Discover the magic at Earthly Dispensary and Earthly Roaster, where cannabis meets specialty coffee. Enjoy our unique fusion of flavors and relaxation. "Come for the buzz, stay for the brew",  🎉🌱☕


Specialty Coffee

Earthy roaster, it all starts with a dedication to quality. We select premium beans, ensuring a complexity of flavors and taste that's second to none. Yes, it costs more, but we believe in delivering a flavorful coffee experience with every cup.☕️


Pre-roll service

Our pre-rolls are like mini-masterpieces. We use high-quality paper that preserves the rich flavors of each strain. You also get to choose from a variety of marijuana options. It's not just smoking; it's a flavorful, personalized experience in every puff. 💨


Cozy & homie lounge

In the heart of Pratunam Bangkok, experience a fusion of sensations. Start with our specialty coffee. Then, explore our organic cannabis offerings for a unique journey. Finally, unwind in our cozy lounge, where the perfect pairing of cannabis and coffee awaits.☕️🍃🛋️


Earthy dispensary where weed meet coffee. 🥦☕️

We are a medical dispensary and roastery startup committed to bringing together the worlds of cannabis and coffee to catalyze positive change within the Thai community, championing the idea that these products, when used responsibly, can enhance our society in meaningful ways.

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