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Our missions

Sustainable driven dispensary

We serve local “THAI” exotic home grow and supporting grower who use organic fertilizers

Zomboe Cake OG
Sugar Cane-02
Jerry Pancakes-01
End Game R2-04
God Father OG-07
Platinum Kush Breath Remix-08
Anna Web

Exotic cannabis goes beyond the standard qualities of weed and refers to exceptional, rare strains of marijuana cultivated by skilled Thai growers. These carefully crafted strains showcase distinct characteristics in appearance, aroma, flavor, and effects, making them truly remarkable in the world of cannabis.

Local grow

Curated excellence, our hand-picked exotic strains deliver the finest cannabis experience. Hand-selected from farm to your selection

Serve organic

Choose sustainable, aromatic excellence nurtured by our organic growers who utilize natural, organic fertilizers.

Positive impact

A portion of our profit will be donated to local charities to create a positive change in our community.

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